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Alyssia (Gray) Forrest

NCHS Class of 1999

Alyssia teaches Kindergarten at Nampa Christian Elementary  


What was your favorite part about attending Nampa Christian Schools?

My favorite part about attending NCS was knowing my classmates so well and growing up with them.  I also had wonderful teachers who poured into my life.  Mrs. Clancy, my 1st grade teacher, sent me flowers on my first day of teaching 1st grade at NCS.  I don't know of many teachers who would do that for their students almost 17 years later.

Where did you go to school after NCS and why?

After NCS, I went to NNU and earned two degrees.  One in Business Marketing and the other in Elementary Education.  I chose NNU because I had scholarships and my mom worked there; my cost for my higher education would be minimal.  I feel like I was well prepared to enter the education workforce when I graduated.

What led you into Education?

My love of kids led me into education.  Prior to becoming a certified teacher, I spent 11 years teacher 4 and 5 year old Sunday School at church.  My first groups of students became my "kids" and now I get the opportunity this year to teach my son.

What do you appreciate about the faculty at NCS?

The faculty at NCS is my family.  I am constantly encouraged and some of my closest friends are my colleagues.

What are some of your favorite memories from your years at NCS?

I have so many wonderful memories of NCS.  NCS has been a part of my life for thirty years now.  NCS is home for me.  When I got married, I had so many students and their families that attended...truly made my day.  I truly love the traditions that have continued from when I was young.  I look forward to the Jog-a-thon, auction, and sports events each year.

Would you share a little about your family?

I have been married for 8 years...I actually met my husband through NCS (long story).  I am a mom to a 17 year old step-son, Noah, my 6 year old son, Grayson, and my 4 year old daughter, Makenzie.  Grayson and Makenzie are beginning their educations at NCS and I look forward to watching them grow up at my alma mater.  My family loves to spend time outdoors together.  We love participating in and watching sports.